Liberty Area Fire Protection Association appreciates your support! 

You can mail  your annual dues or donations to:

Liberty Area Fire Protection Association
768 North 260 Road
Mounds, OK 74047

Annual Fire Membership

You must be a paid member of the Association to benefit from the reduced insurance rating earned by the Liberty Fire Department. Non-members and delinquent members will be charged $250 per truck/per hour for the fire protection or medical services rendered, with a $250 minimum charge. 

All homeowner’s insurance policies have fire run provision in the contract to reimburse a fire department for services rendered. Payment for fire runs has no impact on your insurance premium. 

We will bill everyone for fire runs made to their property, effective October 1st, every year. If you are a Paid-up member of the Association, we will accept whatever payment the insurance company makes. Delinquent member and non-members will continue to be responsible for the total amount of the bill. 

If you do not pay your dues, your insurance company may deny claims due to fire since you have chosen not to subscribe.